The admissions procedure for the academy is broken up into the following steps:

  1. Complete a pre-registration form, to provide us your basic information and courses you are interested in; and
  2. Subscribe, online for subscriptions to one or more of membership levels; or
  3. Sign up for a Training Event and make a payment online.

Admissions Criteria

Some course modules, such as the RSPO Lead Auditor Courses, may require prerequisite examination or proof of prior experience or knowledge. These are to ensure that the credits issued by Wild Asia will maintain our respective training endorsements.

Course Credits

All courses offered by the Academy will now issue a “virtual” certificate and course credit. Certificates can be printed directly from our website and all successful students will be provided with an online credit in the form of a badge. All badges or credits will be public. For a full list of credits issued by Wild Asia today, visit Credly.

CredlyOpen Badges


Terms & Conditions

Please refer to our general terms and conditions for more details of our terms of service.