WAA 01 – Management of Chemicals


Course Overview

The course begins by exploring why the use of chemicals is controversial and questions the needs for the use of chemicals. This will be a good opportunity to review what chemicals are being used today in your own operations.
There may, however, be situations when chemicals will be used and the second part looks at how chemicals are used in agriculture and some of the alternative options that are available.
If you do purchase, store and handle chemicals, then we outline some of the best practices for responsible use. This part provides a useful background to what you can do to promote the responsible use of chemicals in the work place. Finally, we provide a management framework for the identification, risk assessment and review cycles for continually improving in promoting the responsible use of chemicals.

Who Should Attend

Who is this Course for

Wild Asia’s course was designed to provide the basic understanding to owners or management representatives that are responsible for the purchasing and application of chemicals within the production unit. The course was designed to give a basic understanding and also to provide templates and exercises that help owners and management to better understand how their own operations are currently managed. We hope that we would not only ensure that course participants will gain more knowledge, but also, that they are able to apply it within their own production units.

Course Credits

Course Credits

To receive a credit for this course, you must be registered for the course and completed the following:

  1. Marked all lessons as complete
  2. Completed all assignments successfully
  3. Attain a minimum score in the final quiz

If you have successfully completed all the course material you will be issued with a credit from Wild Asia @ Credly that will be made available to you.

Course Duration

Course Duration

We have estimated that the course will take 1 day (lectures), or about 7 hours of study time. The assignments are estimated to take 1 week (7 days) to complete. This involves:

  1. Reading the Course Presentations
  2. Watching the accompanying Commentary
  3. Watching and reading the supplementary material
  4. Completing the course quiz
  5. Completing the assignments
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