The Academy


We understand that learning cannot be crammed, and there needs to be time to develop through implementation. We see our role as guides, and have developed courses that are delivered through the classroom and online.

We tailor our courses for specific industries that we know well and have had field and practical experience. Our Palm Oil Series is one area where we have invested significantly over the years to cover the many facets of the RSPO, the certification system and practical guidance on how to development approaches to meet the RSPO requirements. We have also developed more advanced courses that are fundamental requirements for RSPO Lead Auditors – covering Production and Supply Chain standards of the RSPO.

The shift to an online platform for the Academy means that we can create a life-long learning environment for all our students. As part of this we have worked to integrate our Academy with the same learning platforms that are being used by some of the best universities and corporations around the world. We also want your learning to give value to you, and we have worked to integrate open platforms, for example Credly, to give learners an opportunity to display their credentials as they are earned.

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