WAA 06 – Understanding High Conservation Values


Course Overview

This professional training course has been designed to allow practitioners to develop an understanding of High Conservation Values (HCV) and its application in Global Sustainability Certification Standards. This course will be a prerequisite to providing the foundation for being a licensed HCV Assessor or for more advanced practitioners. The course provides a detailed explanation of the HCV concept, its application within different ecosystems and land management regimes, and outlines good practices for conducting HCV assessments. This workshop will aim to enhance the understanding of the HCV assessment process; including management and monitoring of HCVs.

This course equips participants with the understanding and tools they need to conduct HCV assessments competently and professionally. The course is built on the core documentation from the HCV Resource Network available and is presented in both lectures, video commentary and extensive supporting documentation (downloadable & viewed online).

Wild Asia is currently an endorsed HCV training organisation recognised by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil and the HCV Resource Network.

Who Should Attend

Who is this Course for

The course is designed for general practitioners, auditors, and HCV assessors. The course is conducted in English and does require good competency in the language.

Course Credits

Course Credits

To receive a credit for this course, you must be registered for the course and have completed the following:

  1. Completed all Parts of this course
  2. Marked all lessons as complete
  3. Attain a minimum score in the final quiz

If you have successfully completed all the course material you will be issued with a credit from Wild Asia @ Credly that will be made available to you.

A course credit is required in this course to be able to successfully complete the course requirements of Wild Asia’s High Conservation Value Course for Lead Assessors.

Course Duration

Course Duration

This online course is estimated to take 1 day, or about 10.5 hours of study time, to complete.

This involves:

  • Reading the Course Presentations
  • Watching the accompanying Commentary
  • Watching and reading the supplementary material
  • Completing the course evaluation & feedback